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Unemployment Cover FAQs

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The frequently asked questions answered for our unemployment cover.


What's Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection?

It’s a type of income replacement, offering your clients long-term accident and sickness cover. And for the ultimate protection, unemployment insurance can also be added.

What can be protected?

Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection could be the ideal insurance for your clients looking to protect long-term commitments, like:

  • a mortgage 
  • rent 
  • living expenses

The accident and sickness protection is long-term, meaning your client will be covered until they’re able to go back to work, or until the plan comes to an end.

How to get started

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And if you need some help, why not contact us to speak or write to your dedicated account manager or support teams?

New website coming soon

We're launching a re-designed website, with improved navigation and a fresh new look, for our advisers.

The content from this Mortgage & Lifestyle Protection website will be found on when it has been launched.


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